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The Reason Why

Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction

But, can you ever really love someone else with all your heart, before you fall in love with yourself, your life, first?

For Emma Cantor, life is feeling fresh as she starts her new job in Pittsburgh PA. When the news of a pandemic arrives and the world is thrown into chaos, she finds herself turning inwards to find what her true passions and needs are. With the globe on pause, Emma revives her love of singing and songwriting, yet when a sudden need to find a romantic partner prevails, she finds herself thrust into a dating world that exposes her self-doubt and insecurities.

Nicole Spindler’s The Reason Why is an award-winning, heartfelt story of love, cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships, and learning to accept you as you are. Though Emma may not know it, she is growing every day. Each new experience is but one more precious drop in a sea of colorful day-to-days on one’s authentic journey toward unconditional love for the beauty—and even flaws, traumas, past, and present—that make up who we are.


Praise for The Reason Why

“The Reason Why pulls at every heartstring with raw and vulnerable force.” — Emily Craig, Author of The Will You Love Me Again Series

“A sweet, heartfelt read that includes all the heartache, confusion, and giddiness of finding your way in life and love. Spindler expertly portrays the emotions of a generation looking for solid ground in love, work, and life during uncertain times.” — Reilly Vore, Author of All My Love, From the Trenches and Send My Love to London Town

“Spindler weaves a story you're hungry to keep reading. Emma's search for finding her place in the world and emerging into adulthood is not only relatable, but it's poignant.” — Alisha M. Wielfaert, Author of Little Failures, and Host of the Wise Women Podcast

“Once again, Spindler invites us to consider the nuances of life’s moments to unearth our desires to grow as individuals and as a community. The Reason Why is a much-needed reminder of the many forms of love and their manifestations in relationships. I could feel myself growing alongside Emma, which is what I value most as a reader.” -Kyra Ann Dawkins, Author of The We and the They

"We are all looking for something more in our twenties. Nicole Spindler´s new novel may very well help navigate us." - Zara Miller, Author of I am Cecilia

“The Reason Why is an authentic journey toward unconditional love for the beauty—and even flaws, traumas, past, and present—that make up who we are. Through the story of Emma, Nicole teaches us seeing and accepting ourselves is the foundation to being seen and accepted by others.” - Carly Newberg, Author of Good Enough

“I immediately felt that Emma Cantor was a part of me. Nicole creatively and beautifully depicts the reality of dating, the importance of becoming comfortable looking inward and loving ourselves while cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships.” - Julia Ruggiero, Author of VulnerABLE and Performance

Award-Winning Author

Also, The Reason Why recently won the Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Awards, taking second place for the New Adult Fiction Novel of the Year!

The Reason Why Trailer

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