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Beyond Life's Moments: An Empowering Outlook on Transcending Unexpected Setbacks

Personal Narrative/Creative Memoir

Receiving the shocking news that a close family member has contracted a rare cancer is enough to make anyone feel as though they are drowning under an ocean of helplessness. But author Nicole Spindler wasn’t about to let that happen. Instead, she chose to view her challenges as opportunities to continuously grow and seize what awaits her in future moments.

Through a collection of personal narratives, reflections, and true stories from the likes of Stephen Hawking, Kim Chambers, Ryan Shazier and many more, Beyond Life’s Moments: An Empowering Outlook on Transcending Unexpected Setbacks invites you to discover eight building blocks to forge a continuous growth mindset for enduring life’s challenges.

Beyond Life’s Moments is made for those at an impasse in life, finding that they are “stuck”, at a loss on what to focus on, or wondering how to move forward.

Dive in to discover your beyond!


Praise for Beyond Life's Moments

"A standout, powerful read, that urges readers to view the unpredictability of life and its curveballs as stepping off points, rather than defeat. A must-read." - Haley Newlin, Author of Not Another Sarah Halls & Take Your Turn, Teddy

“Owning your authentic self and expressing vulnerability is the biggest superpower someone holds. As someone who has also shared a similar story, Beyond Life’s Moments is one to remember!” — Alexa Cucchiara, Author of Power to Persevere

“Nicole is an inspiration to all as living proof that you can thrive and learn incredible lessons after enduring immense trauma!” — Elizabeth Lucy Ivanecky, Author of The Child In Us

“Beyond Life’s Moments takes you on a beautiful, genuine journey immersed in joy, love, and perseverance — every chapter makes you want to read and learn more about her amazing, triumphant story.” — Brandon Posivak, Author of Step Onto The Cracks

“Each page in Beyond Life’s Moments is a gift of wisdom, joy, and inspiration awaiting the universal desire to live more purposefully.” — Carly Newberg, Author of Good Enough

Beyond Life's Moments Trailer

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