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What Knows No Bounds

A serial reflection series 
available on Kindle Vella 

Nothing can prepare you for when you lose the love of your life or someone of personal significance. But life goes on, as love continues to grow and flourish, in the most unexpected ways. Through a collection of short reflections of poetic nature, "What Knows No Bounds" beautifully explores what positively transcends beyond the grave and into our hearts as we find peace, comfort, resilience and compassion through the ever-evolving grieving process. 

Other Publications


Beyond The Book

An inspiring reflection series from first-time published author, Nicole Spindler as she dives into how the lessons, stories, and journey of writing and publishing her debut novel “Beyond Life’s Moments” transcended the pages of her book during the unexpected year of 2020.

Tribute To The City Of Bridges

Pittsburgh: A city built on fortitude of strength, determination and beauty. A community that gave me abundant meaning in my life, gifted me with incredible relationships, and saved my family three times. A place that will unconditionally call home… and I will root for always.

The Reason Why I...

An eye-opening, reflective series from 2x published author Nicole Spindler as she divulges the reasons why she made specific decisions when writing her second novel, “The Reason Why” — a coming-of-age novel about cultivating love for your authentic journey (out now).

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