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Nicole Writes

Nicole Spindler is a master storyteller, creating picturesque scenes that draw you in like you're watching a movie.”   — Dasom Lee, Author of I Wish I Knew, Co-Host of the Podcast, Before We Make It

The Reason Why

May 2022

But, can you ever really love someone else with all your heart, before you fall in love with yourself, your life, first?

For Emma Cantor, life is feeling fresh as she starts her new job in Pittsburgh PA. When the news of a pandemic arrives and the world is thrown into chaos, she finds herself turning inwards to find what her true passions and needs are. With the globe on pause, Emma revives her love of singing and songwriting, yet when a sudden need to find a romantic partner prevails, she finds herself thrust into a dating world that exposes her self-doubt and insecurities.

Nicole Spindler's The Reason Why is an award-winning, heartfelt story of love, cultivating meaningful, lasting relationships, and learning to accept you as you are. Though Emma may not know it, she is growing every day. Each new experience is but one more precious drop in a sea of colorful day-to-days on one's authentic journey toward unconditional love for the beauty-and even flaws, traumas, past, and present-that make up who we are.

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